Etro is a brand and company of luxury fabrics and prêt-à-porter, founded in 1968 by Gerolamo Etro, which is born with the creation of refined fabrics for the furniture, and then of clothing lines and accessories.

The brand is an expression of style, refined taste, as well as of refinement in shapes and workmanship, but above all it is famous for its patterns, cashmere designs and for the variety of unique colors.

Gerolamo Etro, a lover of art and history, at the beginning of the '80s reinterprets the ancient and traditional Indian Paisley design, embellished with elegant patterns and refined shades, which becomes a feature of the Maison's recognition: the Paisley jacquard fabric, treated with a special plastification technique becomes one of the must-have of the elegance of the 80s.

The company will later expand its proposals with clothing and accessories for men and women such as scarves, shawls, ties and, with a new fastening procedure, also to leather goods with wallets, bags and suitcases.

Towards the end of the 80s, the brand began a new path, with the advent of the new generation at the helm of Etro. The brand is renewed and born in the 90s the prêt-à-porter line, revealing the extraordinary sartorial skills associated with originality, creativity, stylistic choices and materials used. The "New Tradition" arises, which will become one of the priority concepts of the Etro brand, in search of a more direct relationship with the public, to bring fashion to the consumer, even with unconventional settings instead of traditional fashion shows, such as the one in an old steam train of the 30s, with wearers-travelers.

The unique inventions of the brand range from the jacket with innumerable pockets inside, individually marked with labels, to garments decorated with keys, bolts, gears, nails.


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