Intercept what's moving beneath our feet in advance. Not to be fooled by what we see and to go beyond the surface of things. That's how Enterprise Japan was born. To catch the smallest anomalies and to graft at their base well-calibrated detonators, able to create unexpected synergies and anticipate the future. Not too many years ago, NASA tested a GPS seismic monitoring system. In Enterprise Japan, we imagined something similar for the world of fashion. At the heart of the Enterprise Japan moodboard there are no one-size-fits-all reference models or trends of the moment pinned to a board. For Enterprise Japan a new way was chosen, that of immersing ourselves in the creative magma of Streetwear culture and letting it give life to an unprecedented experience.
The launch of each Drop is designed to increase the interest and Hype of the products through an approach defined in time and with a strong focus on the community.


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