The brand bears the name of its founder and Creative Director, Jon Buscemi, whose DNA is rooted in New York City’s street-style culture, in the world of skateboarding and music, which have always been a source of inspiration for the designer. The company was founded as an accessories brand, and styles itself on the market as a benchmark for luxury sneakers, which appeal to international stars such as P. Diddy, Quincy Jones, and Justin Bieber. In 2019 the brand debuts its ready-to-wear collection, proving to be fully primed for its evolution from the accessories segment.
The first Buscemi ready-to-wear collection, inspired by the Big Apple, was presented in January 2019. It draws inspiration from the hip-hop music of the '80s and '90s, apparent in its unique pieces embellished with hand embroidery. Iconic elements such as vintage denim, workwear, military and sportswear make up the brand’s quintessential looks. Key pieces include work jackets and coats crafted from Japanese fabrics, with special attention to detail.

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