Giorgio Armani

Born in 1975, Giorgio Armani is the main line of the famous fashion designer Gorgio Armani, famous for his "destructured" jackets, where new visions are applied to traditional garments. It offers Haute Couture evening dresses for men and women suitable for prestigious events.

Always focused on innovation research Armani decodes traditional shapes, creating lines that enhance the three-dimensional silhouettes.

Clean lines, modern geometries, defined essential shapes, inspired by the Bauhaus art, in a right balance between the force of the cuts, the sumptuousness of the embroideries and the compactness of the fabrics, traced by motifs and sophisticated neutral and bright colors, such as gray, blue, iris , orange, red, green and purple. In 1982 the success of Giorgio Armani was definitively consecrated, winning the first page of Time magazine, the second fashion designer who until then had had this privilege, in addition to the famous designer Cristian Dior, forty years before.

The following year the "Council of Fashion Designers of America" ​​elected Armani "designer of the year" and the Italian Republic conferred him, from 1985 to 1987, the honors of Commendatore, Grand'off officer and Cavaliere.

Having become an icon of elegance, in 1991 the "Royal College of Art" in London gave him the honoris causa degree. Many celebrities and personalities choose Giorgio Armani's clothes, whose sophisticated and unparalleled style is perpetuated in the film "American Gigolo", dressing the actor Richard Gere.

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