Bao Bao Issey Miyake

Bao Bao Issey Miyake is a brand of bags and accessories for women born by the famous Japanese brand Issey Miyake.

Simple randomly adjusted triangles give life to a basic square shape, used as a canvas in which to express the freedom of expression and the use of authentic and sparkling color.

Bao Bao is a line of accessories conceived on the thought of new shapes, light and soft, interchangeable according to occasions. The combination of individual pieces, added to the uniqueness of technology, create exciting and unique results. The harmonious union of triangular modules opens the door to a flexible world of accessories, perfect for the contemporary lifestyle.

All the Bao Bao accessories by Issey Miyake express true style exercises and geometric visions that contribute to a change in the canonical concept of bags of all kinds.

Every creation seems impregnated with a futuristic style understood as a new conception of shapes in space. Form and function blend into individual pieces that open the door to a flexible world of accessories full of carefree, which can freely transform into any type of accessory such as bags, bags, and small parts.

The real novelty of these bags is the modular structure that rolls up on itself and does not deform: it is not by chance that you can bend on itself without being damaged. It looks like a checkered sheet on which to write a story, but the true story is only narrated by an unconventional material, capable of fulfilling the needs of every woman.

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